Teaching Profile

  • Institute of Management in Government, Trivandrum, Kerala, India (Training for Civil Officers of various cadres)
  • Division of Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Teaching for Bachelors /Undergraduates)
  • Communications & New Media, National University of Singapore, 2004‐ 2009 (Teaching/supervising Bachelors/Masters /PhDs)
  • MICA-The School of Ideas, Ahmedabad, India, 2013-2017 (Teaching/supervising Masters /Ph.Ds)
  • The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India, 2017- Present (Teaching /supervising Masters/Ph.Ds)

Recent Modules

  • Communication Theories
  • Theories of New Media
  • Ideology and Culture

Courses taught

  • Technoculture, Graduate Module (FPM [PhD]), MICA, Ahmadabad, India, 2013-2016
  • Emerging Media in the Digital Age, Graduate Module (FPM [PhD]), MICA, Ahmadabad, India, 2014-2016
  • Science Technology and Society, Graduate Module (MA), MICA, Ahmadabad, India, 2014-2016
  • Globalization, Graduate Module (FPM [PhD]), MICA, Ahmadabad, India, 2013-2016
  • Cybercultues, Graduate Module (MA), MICA, Ahmadabad, India, 2013-2016
  • Advanced Theories in Communications and New Media, Graduate Module (MA/PhD), NUS, Singapore, 2011-2012
  • Graduate Research Seminar, Graduate Module, NUS, Singapore (PhD), ( 2010
  • State & Civil Society in the Information Age, Graduate Module (MA/PhD), NUS, Singapore, 2005-2012
  • ICTs & Development, Graduate Module (MA/PhD), NUS, Singapore, 2007-2012
  • Advanced Communications & New Media Research, Undergraduate Module (MA/PhD), NUS, Singapore, 2010-2011
  • Social Media & Everyday Life, Undergraduate Module, NUS, Singapore (BA), 2009-2010
  • Media and Representation, Undergraduate Module (BA), NUS, Singapore, 2007-2008
  • Theories of Communications and New Media, Undergraduate Module (BA), NUS, Singapore, 2006-2007
  • ICTs & Civil Society, Undergraduate Module, NUS, Singapore (MA/PhD), 2004-2006
  • Knowledge Economies, Undergraduate Module, NUS, Singapore (BA), 2004-2006
  • Knowledge Management: Approaches and Critique, Undergraduate Module (BA), NUS, Singapore, 2004-2006
  • Dynamics of Innovation, Undergraduate Module, NUS, Singapore (BA), 2004-2005
  • Information Technology & Society, Undergraduate Module (B.Sc), HKUST, Hong Kong, 2002-2004
  • Environmental Economics, Post Graduate (MA), M.G University, Kerala, India, 1996-2000
  • Environment Planning, Post Graduate (MA), M.G University, Kerala, India, 1996-2000

Graduate thesis supervision


    Theses completed/Degree Awarded (NUS, Singapore)

  • Cheryll Ruth Soriano, New Media and Political Mobilization: Online mediations of minority groups in Philippines. National University of Singapore, Singapore. (Ph.D awarded in 2012).
  • Kintu Annie Joseph, Mobile phone use by marginalized women in India. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2013).
  • Rachel Amtzis, The use of ICTs for fundraising and self-promotion in non-government organizations of the global south. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2011).
  • Pratichi Joshi, Technological Models of Development: The Case of Rajasthan Carpet Industry. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2009).
  • Manjari Kishore, ICT projects and social development in Asia: Two case studies exploring options, opportunities and constraints. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2008).
  • Nandini Prashad, The Internet as a Platform for Civic Engagement in Singapore. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2007).
  • Shib Shankar Dasgupta, ICT adoption and social change in rural South Asia: A case study of Grameen telecom in Bangladesh. National University of Singapore, Singapore (Masters degree awarded in 2006).
  • Theses completed/Degree Awarded (FPM, Ph.D. Equivalent), MICA-Ahmadabad, India

  • Ahammed Junaid NP, Religious social shaping of technology: Malayali Muslim sects’ engagement with ICTs, (Awarded in 2017)
  • Benson Rajan, Social Media and Affective communication in Church Discourse: A study of Christian churches in New Delhi, (Awarded in 2016)
  • Thesis Committee member, (FPM, Ph.D. Equivalent), MICA-Ahmadabad, India

  • Kiran Bhatia, Media, Extremism and Religious Populism in India: The Role of Critical Pedagogy for Media Education (To be awarded in 2019)
  • Devpriya Chakravarty, Electronic dance music as a cultural phenomenon in India – an ethnomusicological take (To be awarded in 2019)
  • Masters’ Thesis Supervision (MICA, Ahmadabad, India)

  • Tarini Bandhu -Tapping the Silver Market: How to Approach the Mature Consumer (2014)
  • Saumya Agarwal-How the teenagers with pester power influence the buying decision of elderly people or the Generation X with respect to cars (2014)
  • Abhishek Varughese- Analysis of Strategic Rationale Behind Global Merger & Acquisitions By Facebook & Google (2015)
  • Nitya Ravi-  Analysis Of Culture Journalism on new and digital media (2015)
  • Diya Tongbram- RISE OF THE FLASHPACKING PHENOMENON: Understanding Flashpacker Motivation and the Implications of Technology and Social Media on the Rationale for Travelling (2015)
  • Anu Radhakrishnan- Demystifying Travel Inspiration and Discovery Business (2015)
  • Snigdha Kishore- Understanding the Behavioral Aspects of the Indian Youth Mobile Phone Gaming Habits (2015)
  • Smriti Srivastava- Utility of Social Media for NGOs: A research in the Indian context (2015)
  • Pooja Bhanage- Knowledge management and innovation : relationship between the two (2015)
  • Nidhi Sinha-An Indian Sense of Humor: A Study of the Emerging Online Landscape of Video Satire (2016)
  • Shilpa Sharma-Understanding Mobile Marketing and Consumer Behavior (2016)
  • Akanksha Chaturvedi-Myers- Briggs Personality Indicator and its implications on content consumption (2016)
  • Arun M Pillai-Online Streaming Behaviour of Indian Youth and its impact on the Future of Indian Television Industry (2016)

External Examiner

  • Sahana Sarkar, Cyber Violence against Women in India: Exploring the Role of Digital Literacy, MICA, Ahmadabad, Inida 2018 (Ph.D.)
  • Abeykoon Mudiyanselage Shamali Abeykoon, Mobile phones, empowerment and female heads of households: Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, Deakin University, VIC, Australia 2017 (Ph.D.)
  • Kanika Sharma, Biopolitics of the ‘reconstructed normal’: reconstructive surgery in the context of ‘acid attacks’ on women in India”, Centre for Studies in Science, technology & Innovation Policy, School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, India 2016 (Ph.D.)
  • Niraj S. Mankad, Strategic Evolution of Firm’s Digital Capabilities within the Entertainment Industry  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), Mumbai , India 2016 (Ph.D.)
  • Suneet Madan, Visual Communication in Weblogs, CEPT University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, 2015 (Ph.D.)
  • Subair K, Public Deliberation Over Waste: A Case Study of Vilappilsala Solid Waste Treatment Plant Controversy, Kerala,  Central University of Gujarat,  Gandhinagar, Gujarat 2015(M.Phil)
  • Rajeev George Arikat, Impact of mobile phone on the acculturation of South Asian migrant workers in Singapore, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 2015(Ph.D.)
  • Florian Kund, Nation Branding in The Imagination Age: How to Build Image, Identity, Past And
    Future in Singapore And Sharjah, National University of Singapore, Singapore 2014 (Ph.D.)
  • Noor Mayudia Mohd Mothar, The Gratification Sought And Obtained in Smartphone Usage for Personal Identity Among Undergraduates in Selangor, Malaysia. Department of Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2013 (Ph.D.).
  • K. Jayaraj, The Perceived Uses and Gratifications of Internet Usage among Arts and Science College Students in Coimbatore. Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu, India, 2012 (Ph.D.)
  • Joefe B Santarita, India Philippines Relations in the Context of India’s Look-East Policy” South Asian Studies Progrmme. National University of Singapore 2011 (Ph.D.)
  • R. Rakesh, Impact of Technology on the Competitiveness of Small Scale Sector with Special Reference to Thiruvananthapuram District. Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute University, Tamil Nadu, India, 2010 (Ph.D.)
  • P. Geetha, A study of urban informal workers in the foundry industry of Coimbatore. Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu, India, 2010 (Ph.D.)
  • Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Media Convergence and Hindi Newspapers: Changing Institutional and Discursive Dimensions, 1977-2007. South Asian Studies Progrmme, National University of Singapore, 2009. (Ph.D.)